Bird and Trip Photos


Pete and Nancy Spruance

Most recent update:  1/20/2010

Welcome! We hope you will enjoy browsing the images you will find here without being disappointed that none are of professional quality and that some are unabashedly marginal. Photography is a decidedly secondary pursuit for us, being mostly a way to record a visual journal to jog our increasingly stubborn memories about where we've been and what we've seen. As most of our friends know, our primary focus is birds, but it also includes some other interesting critters and things we find along the way.

BIRDS: Rheas through Geese and Ducks
BIRDS: Megapodes through Penguins
BIRDS: Albatrosses through Storm-Petrels
BIRDS: Boobies through Frigatebirds
BIRDS: Herons through Storks
BIRDS: Vultures through Falcons
BIRDS: Rails through Sheathbills
BIRDS: Plovers through Phalaropes
BIRDS: Gulls
BIRDS: Terns through Puffins
BIRDS: Pigeons through Potoos
BIRDS: Hummingbirds
BIRDS: Trogons through Toucans
BIRDS: Woodpeckers through Becards
BIRDS: Honeyeaters through Bulbuls
BIRDS: Leaf-Warblers through Wagtails
BIRDS: New World Warblers through Waxbills
MAMMALS: Pinnipeds and Cetaceans
MAMMALS: Polar Bear with two cubs
MAMMALS: Polar Bears
TRIPS: Belize (Feb/Mar 2002)

Content within sections will change sporadically, and new sections will be added occasionally as time and inclination dictate.

For the bird pages, we have updated the taxonomic sequence to AviSys version 6.00J which uses "... Clements 2009 (December) as updated by Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology ...".  

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